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Mad Fritz'The Crow and the Water' Dry Stout 26.6oz bottle

Mad Fritz 'The Crow and the Water' Dry Stout 26.6oz bottle - K. Laz Wine Collection

The Irish Dry Stout has an amazing history of evolution and some of owner/brewmaster Nile Zacherle's favorite beer styles have evolved from it over the last century. The idea was always to craft a distinct approach to this style. The grain bill is all Full Pint grown in Madras, OR and malted on the Estate there, blended with a pinch of Colorado's wheat malt along with roasted barley as well as some black malt to broaden the roast tonalities.  After a quick fermentation from 10 plato their goal is to age this beer in freshly emptied Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for a short period (3-4 weeks).  This adds a subtle vinous note as well as dropping the pH or increasing the acidity some as some.  This beer is a pleasure to consume and like the more commercial representations of the style quite drinkable.  We have other versions that have aged longer in barrel (1 month to 3 months) depending on the batch and have continued to play with finishing hops as well.  

Mad Fritz Brewing Co began as a collaboration in 2014 between Nile Zacherle’s brewing background and the combined winemaking experiences he and his wife, Whitney Fisher of Fisher Vineyards, have had in Napa Valley, Sonoma and abroad. As for the name, they have two children: Madeleine and Fritz. Their concept is simple: the best wines come from a place, why shouldn’t beer, thus a journey to brew ‘Origin Specific Beer’ began. They craft ales and lagers with an emphasis on controlling the raw materials furthering the expression of a time, place and the people that make it happen. They are all barrel aged, bottled unfiltered and naturally carbonated. 

  • CountryUSA
  • RegionCalifornia
  • AppellationNapa Valley