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Arbe GarbeRussian River Valley White 2021- Special Priced 3-Pack

$96.00 750mL
Arbe Garbe Russian River Valley White 2021- Special Priced 3-Pack - K. Laz Wine Collection

Arbe Garbe continues to be one of the most delicious, unique Whites we taste on a regular basis. Enrico Bertoz, former assistant winemaker for the legendary winery, Sine Qua Non, left Southern CA to come up to Napa Valley and become his own venture, Arbe Garbe. This newly released 2021 comes from Catie’s Corner Vineyard in Russian River Valley. In this grower vineyard is a little under 1-acre of Malvasia Bianca. The grower, Saralee Kunde, specifically grafted it for Enrico to use for Arbe Garbe. The vines grow on sandy loam soil, a typical sandstone formed by volcanic ash deposits on oceanic bottoms. A river benchland, Russian River Valley’s soil is also rich in alluvial materials. The characteristic climate of the Russian River region and its morning fogs make it ideal for bringing the fruit to full ripeness while preserving a satisfying level of acidity. 

  • CountryUSA
  • AppellationRussian River Valley