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Grove 45 Olive Oil   - K. Laz Wine Collection

Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a venture that started in 2009 when long time friends Nena Talcott and Bonnie Storm agreed to go into business together. Between them they had 45 years of farming experience and had both produced gold medal award winning extra virgin olive oils under different labels. Nena had sold her vineyards and groves in 2006 and she missed being involved in the farming community. Bonnie was getting tired of doing all of the work on her own and was ready to consider shutting down her operation. Fortunately, after a discussion one afternoon, Grove 45 EVOO was born.

The groves are located on Bonnie’s ranch in a remote corner of the Napa Valley. The trees are all Italian Varieties that Bonnie imported from Italy in 1994. The business partners are involved in every aspect of the oil production from driving the tractor to selling and delivering Grove 45 EVOO.

To showcase the excellent quality of Grove 45 EVOO, Nena and Bonnie wanted a package that would be distinctive. They chose an aluminum bottle with a food grade liner and embossed pewter label that the pair apply by hand. They also decided to name their new oil after the year they were born, 1945. In the year Nena and Bonnie began collecting Social Security and became eligible for Medicare, their new venture took shape.

Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense green color and a robust, fruity, spicy flavor. It is the proud recipient of the California Olive Oil Council Seal of Excellence.

Our groves are located in the Chiles Valley District AVA in the Napa Valley Appellation. Chiles Valley is the perfect environment to grow olives (and grapes), with its warm summer days, chilly nights and an 800 to 1,300 foot elevation. Our soil is primarily Tehama loam, which drains well.  With colder winters and springs, harvest comes earlier here than on the Napa Valley floor.

The Olives 
We grow 300 Tuscan variety olive trees, including Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino varieties, and 200 Sicilian Noccelara de Belice olive trees.

The Watering System
We use drip irrigation to avoid alternate bearing years.

Our groves are farmed organically.

Innovative Farming Practice
We do everything in our groves by hand from weeding to pruning to harvesting.

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